It’s time to cancel the student debt of ALL Corinthian students.

Why Cancel corinthian

In May 2018, a major court ruling stopped the Department of Education from partially denying loan cancellation to certain students who attended Corinthian Colleges (Heald, Everest, and WyoTech)  and ordered the Department of Education to stop collecting on the loans of the subset of those students who have applied for borrower defense loan cancellation.

Yet, the Department of Education continues to argue against granting full and complete loan cancellation to people who were cheated by the for-profit college.  The Department appealed the decision to a higher court, and on February 8, 2019 will argue that it should be permitted to continue to disregard the rights of students who have been cheated by Corinthian by denying them the relief they are owed.

Certain former Corinthian students can join the class and have the Department STOP collecting on their loans. But many students are unaware of this option and have NOT applied for cancellation. That means the Department is still trying to collect on the debts however they can – including wage garnishment and other aggressive methods.

We’ve launched an online tool to help students apply, along with resources to help them take steps toward loan cancellation.

These students have suffered enough, through no fault of their own. As one former student, Amanda Kulka put it: 

"Everest Institute robbed me of my education - I received nothing but a pile of debt from them. The Department of Education should be holding sham schools accountable, not fighting to make those of us who were cheated pay even more. Cancelling these loans won't reverse all the harm they've already caused, but it would at least be a fresh start."

The Department of Education should be holding sham schools accountable, not fighting to make those of us who were cheated pay even more. Cancelling these loans won't reverse all the harm they've already caused, but it would at least be a fresh start."

That’s why we will continue calling on the Department to do the right thing and cancel all Corinthian debt. So will our friends and partners.

Join us in calling on the Department of Education to #CancelCorinthian debt once and for all.

“It’s our responsibility to raise awareness, provide Corinthian College students the correct resources to apply for loan relief, and better yet, force the Department of Education to cancel their debt immediately."

-Congressman Joe Kennedy III

"These borrowers have gone through enough already – they’ve had their lives upended by a predatory company – and don’t deserve to be further harmed by their own government.  It’s time for Secretary DeVos to fully discharge the federal student debt of defrauded Corinthian borrowers once and for all.”

- Senator Dick Durbin

“For years we have worked to secure loan forgiveness for borrowers only to get stonewalled by Secretary DeVos and her team of for-profit executives. It’s time to get these students the relief they deserve.”

-Attorney General Maura Healey

"We call on Congressional representatives and candidates to pressure the Department to abolish these odious debts – and the debts of all for-profit college borrowers. We know the Department has the authority to wipe the slate clean once and for all and we demand that they use it."

-The Debt Collective

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Students of Heald, Everest, or WyoTech who were cheated by these schools have been suffering under the weight of unenforceable student debt for years – long after the schools themselves closed and the Department of Education acknowledged Corinthian’s fraud. Now, a court has ordered the Department of Education  to STOP collecting on federal student loans from Corinthian students who have applied for loan cancellation.

Any students who think they may be affected by this order should click the link below to learn about applying for loan cancellation.

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frequently asked questions

What does this ruling mean for students?

The court has ruled that the Department of Education must stop collections on the federal student loans of the class members who have applied to have their loans cancelled for the duration of the lawsuit. This means former students of Everest, WyoTech, and Heald, who attended certain programs during certain time periods and complete the Department of Education’s borrower defense “attestation form,” will not face collection of their federal student loans for at least the duration of the lawsuit.


What do borrowers have to do to apply for loan relief?

Any student who attended a Corinthian College campus (such as Everest, Heald, or WyoTech), should use our online tool to determine if they are a part of the student class. For any student who meets the criteria and completes the Department of Education’s attestation form, the Department of Education MUST stop collecting on that student’s federal student loans during the lawsuit.


What does this mean for students who did not attend Corinthian Colleges or who did not attend the specified programs during the specified time periods?

Students who are not a part of the student class, or did not attend a Corinthian College campus, could still have the right to have their federal student loan debt cancelled through borrower defense. Students can visit this website for information on borrower defense, and consider completing the Department of Education’s Universal Borrower Defense form.


How do students know if this ruling impacts them?

Please visit our online tool to determine if you are a part of the student class impacted by this court ruling. If you are a part of the student class, you are eligible to apply for borrower defense using the Department of Education’s short “attestation form.”  The court has ordered the Department of Education to stop collections on your federal student loans after you apply.


Click here to view the full FAQ fact sheet for students.

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Join us in demanding that the Department of Education #CancelCorinthian once and for all.