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Betsy DeVos Stalled Obama’s Student Loan Relief Program. Borrowers Hope Biden Will Fix It | CNN

Just before President Barack Obama left office, he made it easier for students defrauded by for-profit colleges to apply for the federal debt relief they had long been entitled to. But the Trump administration, which disagrees with the policy, allowed a massive backlog of more than 200,000 claims to pile up — leaving some borrowers waiting throughout the entire administration to hear whether they’ll get a break.

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What Joe Biden Means For Your Student Loans | Buzzfeed News

It was once an idea so far on the fringe that no major politician endorsed it. Then it was the pipe dream of far-left progressives. Now a push for President-elect Joe Biden’s administration to single-handedly cancel billions of dollars in student debt has taken hold in increasingly large segments of the Democratic Party, raising a real possibility, for the first time, that broad swaths of Americans may see some of their student loan debt wiped away.

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Biden Supports Some Student Loan Forgiveness. The Left Is Demanding Much More. | Mother Jones

President-elect Joe Biden wanted to talk about “good-paying union jobs” after his meeting with some of the country’s top CEOs and union leaders on Monday. The Online Left wanted to talk about canceling student loan debt. And the internet discourse became real life after Biden finished his remarks, when a reporter asked Biden whether forgiving the more than $1.6 trillion in outstanding loans figured into his economic recovery plans.

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