Statement on Resignation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

January 8, 2021


Betsy DeVos

BOSTON – Last night, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos resigned from her position in the Trump Administration.


The following is a statement from Project on Predatory Student Lending Director Toby Merrill regarding Secretary DeVos’ resignation: 

“If Betsy DeVos accomplished one thing as Education Secretary, it is that she succeeded in drawing attention to the problems of predatory for-profit colleges and student debt in a way that was previously unimaginable – by making those problems so much worse. Her lawless actions over the last four years have accelerated the urgency to find solutions and create justice for defrauded students.

Although these problems are long-standing and have spanned multiple administrations, today is a new day and provides a fresh chance to harness the consensus that we must stop funding predatory for-profit colleges and cancel the debts that resulted from them, and transform that consensus into meaningful relief for student borrowers and an end to predatory for-profit colleges.”


The Project on Predatory Student Lending has represented more than one million former for-profit college students and won landmark cases against the Department of Education and predatory colleges.


About the Project on Predatory Student Lending

Established in 2012, the Project on Predatory Student Lending represents former students of predatory for-profit colleges. Its mission is to litigate to make it legally and financially impossible for federally-funded predatory schools to cheat students and taxpayers. The Project has brought a wide variety of cases on behalf of former students of for-profit colleges. It has sued the federal Department of Education for its failures to meet its legal obligation to police this industry and stop the perpetration and collection of fraudulent student loan debt.