Press Releases

Two Key Hearings Scheduled for Monday on Department of Education’s Illegal Attempts to Deny Relief to Former Corinthian Students | Press Release

Two Cases Involve Department’s Abuse of Former Corinthian Students and its Refusal to Discharge Their Debt BOSTON – There are two major court hearings scheduled for Monday involving the Department of Education’s abuse of former Corinthian students and its insistence on continuing to collect on the debts of the defrauded students. The two cases are…

Attorneys General, Legal Service Organizations Join Push to Demand Loan Cancellation for Cheated For-Profit College Students | Press Release

Briefs Filed This Week Highlight Direct, Long-Term Harm Suffered By Corinthian Borrowers, Severely Compounded By The Department’s Actions BOSTON – Several Attorneys General, legal service organizations, and activists joined the call this week to stop the federal Department of Education from reneging on its promise of debt cancellation to former students of Corinthian Colleges who…

Judge Grants April 30 Hearing On Injunction Sought Against DeVos, Department of Education | Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO– A federal Judge has set an April 30 hearing date on a preliminary injunction sought against Secretary Betsy DeVos and the federal Department of Education seeking to block the administration from applying its decision to partially deny loan relief applications brought by defrauded former students of for-profit colleges. Four borrowers filed the motion…

Partial Borrower Defense Denials Violate Due Process, Privacy Act: Injunction Sought Against DeVos, Department of Education | Press Release

A court filing over the weekend revealed that the U.S. Department of Education secretly, illegally, and unconstitutionally used Social Security data to deny loan discharges to students cheated by Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

ITT Students’ $1.5 Billion Settlement Heard by Judge In Bankruptcy Settlement Today | Press Release

More than $500 Million In Student Debts Would Be Cancelled Due To ITT’s Fraudulent Actions; Landmark Settlement Builds Case For Department Of Education To Cancel Loans of Former ITT Students

Director of Litigation Eileen Connor Recognized With National Consumer Law Center Rising Star Award | Press Release

Today the Project on Predatory Student Lending’s Director of Litigation, Eileen Connor, has been recognized for the 2017 “Rising Star” award from the National Consumer Law Center for her significant contributions to consumer law.

Former For-Profit College Students Ask Federal Court to Void Student Loan Debt | Press Release

Two former students who were defrauded by a New York for-profit college are suing the Department of Education (Department) and a private lender to block the enforcement of their student loan debt, the Project on Predatory Student Lending and the New York Legal Assistance Group announced today.

DeVos Declines To Meet With Former Students Of For-Profit Colleges | Press Release

United States Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has declined an invitation to meet with former students of the predatory for-profit college industry during her visit to Harvard University, the Project on Predatory Student Lending (the “Project”) announced today.