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Statement Following Court Hearing On Borrower Defense Delays | Press Release

JAMAICA PLAIN – In a major victory for student borrowers this week, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday that the Department of Education acted illegally in delaying the 2016 borrower defense rule that incorporated critical protections for student borrowers. A hearing was held today to consider next steps. The judge has taken the issue under advisement with…

Court Agrees That Trump’s Education Department Unlawfully Delayed a Rule That Protects Students From Predatory Schools | Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Department of Education broke the law when it delayed a rule designed to protect students defrauded by predatory for-profit colleges and career training programs, a federal district court judge ruled late Wednesday.

ITT Bankruptcy Trustee Sues The Department of Education and Private Loan Trusts For Victimizing Students | Press Release

Project on Predatory Student Lending Calls On Department To Cancel All ITT Debts Immediately BOSTON – The Trustee in the ITT Bankruptcy is suing the Department of Education and the financial backers of the PEAKS private loan program. These lawsuits reinforce the fact that ITT Tech should have been shut down many years ago, and instead was…

California AG Calls For Department Of Education To Withdraw Its Proposed Borrower Defense Rule | Press Release

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is calling on the Department of Education to withdraw its proposed Borrower Defense rule immediately and begin the public process again, citing documents released last week by the Project on Predatory Student Lending that show the Department’s proposed rule is based on a lie.

Department of Education’s Borrower Defense Includes Fundamental Lie, Documents Show | Press Release

The new Borrower Defense Rule proposed by the Department of Education last week is based on a lie, recently published documents have shown.

In Another Injustice For ITT Students, Predatory ITT Executives Get July 4 Weekend Gift While Defrauded Students Left Holding The Bag | Press Release

Late on Friday, it was announced that the SEC had settled its case against former ITT executives Kevin Modany and Daniel Fitzpatrick for cheating the company’s shareholders and operating the company for their own personal financial benefit. The settlement, reached on Friday, July 6 just before the trial was set to start today, lets them walk away with a slap on the wrist.

Judge Rebukes Department of Education For Second Time, Ordering It To Stop Collecting on Corinthian Student Loans | Press Release

A federal judge today, for the second time in just a few weeks, rebuked the Department of Education for its wrongful and illegal continued attempts to collect on the debt of students who were defrauded by the for profit Corinthian Colleges, ruling that the Department must stop collecting on the loans of tens of thousands of Corinthian students in light of the Department’s use of an illegal rule to reduce relief to borrowers by 80 percent.

Two Key Hearings Scheduled for Next Week in Corinthian and ITT Cases | Press Release

Two court hearings are scheduled for next week in key cases that assert the rights of federal student loan borrowers who were cheated by the for-profit colleges Corinthian and ITT Tech. The hearing in San Francisco on Monday, June 11 involves the Department of Education’s continued refusal to grant complete loan cancellation to former students of for-profit Corinthian Colleges.

Key Hearing Scheduled for Monday on Department of Education’s Continued Attempts to Deny Complete Debt Relief to Former Corinthian College Students | Press Release

A court hearing is scheduled for Monday, June 4th involving the Department of Education’s continued refusal to grant full and complete loan cancellation to former Corinthian College students who were cheated by the for-profit college. This hearing in the case of Calvillo Manriquez v. DeVos follows last week’s groundbreaking decision in the case, in which a judge granted a preliminary injunction stopping the Department of Education from applying its “average earnings rule” to cheated former students of Corinthian Colleges, and preventing the Department from further collecting on the plaintiffs’ loans.

In Groundbreaking Decision, Judge Halts Collection of For-Profit College Student Debts | Press Release

In a landmark decision for defrauded students of Corinthian Colleges, a U.S. District judge late Friday stopped the Department of Education from applying its “average earnings rule” to cheated former students of Corinthian Colleges, and prevented the Department from collecting on the plaintiffs’ loans. The ruling enjoins the Department of Education from using its partial relief scheme, which it has been applying to partially deny thousands of borrowers’ applications for loan relief, because that scheme clearly violates the Privacy Act and causes severe and irreparable injury to borrowers.