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Project on Predatory Student Lending

Judge Orders That Department of Education Cannot Resume Issuing Borrower Defense Denials Without Notifying Court and Borrowers | Press Release


Optimism and Hope: “Fail State” Forum and Panel Look Ahead | Blog

Harvard Magazine

“Attacking the Concept of Debt” | Harvard Magazine

For-Profit Colleges’ Methods Under Fire | WGBH

Massachusetts is joining a growing number of states that want to better regulate for-profit colleges like DeVry, the University of Phoenix, and the Brookline-based Art Institute of New England to prevent aggressive recruiting of people who can’t afford to spend upwards of $40,000 a year on tuition and fees.

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A Check On Bad Student Loan Debt | CommonWealth

LAST YEAR, FEDERAL education officials did something they almost never do: They wrote off more than $3 million in student loan debt belonging to nearly 500 students. Short of dying or paying them off, students almost never shed their college debt, even through bankruptcy.

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Debt Trap | Harvard Law Today

When it abruptly closed its doors for good last January, the American Career Institute, a for-profit college with five campuses in Massachusetts, left students stranded in dire financial straits: They won’t get the job training or certificates they paid for, but they remain on the hook for student loans they can’t afford.

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