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ITT Student Files New Lawsuit Against Navient for Private Student Debt Cancellation | Press Release

Harvard Magazine

“Attacking the Concept of Debt” | Harvard Magazine


Update | Borrowers Raise Concern over Borrower Defense Denials

Making America Worse | New York Times

On the campaign trail in 2015, Donald Trump said it was “disgusting” that a big corporation could escape taxation by using bookkeeping tricks to shift profits out of the United States. Now the Trump administration is thinking about making it easier to play those tricks. Bloomberg reported this week that the Treasury Department, in a development sure to gladden the hearts of the corporate class, was considering a rollback of rules written by the Obama administration to prevent the very kinds of shenanigans Mr. Trump once condemned.

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A Judge Calls Betsy DeVos to Account | Washington Post

The American Dream says we should all have a fair shot at a good life, which includes the opportunity to get ahead. Over the past several decades, we have been told repeatedly the most effective way to do that is to attend college so we can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing work world.

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Federal Judge Slams DeVos and Education Department for Violating Order and Weighs Sanctions | Washington Post

A federal judge blasted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for flagrantly violating an order to stop collecting loan payments from former Corinthian Colleges students, an infringement that could result in fines or other sanctions.

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No, Betsy DeVos is Not Going to Jail | USA Today

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is unlikely to go to jail, but the internet might have you think otherwise. The furor online stems from a case involving the now-defunct Corinthian College, a for-profit college that closed in 2015. The U.S. Department of Education had been ordered to stop collecting on the federal loans of students who attended the school. But the departmentdisclosed it had continued to garnish wages and seize tax returns of hundreds of borrowers.

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Judge Warns DeVos: ‘I’m Not Sending Anyone to Jail Yet’ But It’s An Option | The Hill

A federal judge in San Francisco rebuked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for continuing to collect debt payments from students after she had been ordered to stop by a court order, Bloomberg reports. U.S. Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim was far from happy with DeVos in a hearing that took place Monday in San Francisco.

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Judge Threatens Betsy DeVos with Jail for not Adhering to Court Order on Student Loan Debts | Salon

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was threatened with jail time after continuing to collect student loan debts from individuals whose loans to a scandal-ridden and bankrupt for-profit college were legally voided. “I’m not sure if this is contempt or sanctions,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim reportedly told Education Department lawyers Monday at a hearing in San Francisco. “I’m not sending anyone to jail yet, but it’s good to know I have that ability.”

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Is Betsy DeVos Going To Jail? | Forbes

U.S. Magistrate Sallie Kim told U.S. Department of Education attorneys that she is “astounded” that the Education Department violated her court order and still collected on student loan debt from students who were allegedly defrauded by Corinthian Colleges, a large for-profit college that closed on April 27, 2015, according to reporting from Bloomberg.

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Judge Threatens Betsy DeVos With Jail In Student Loan Case | Forbes

A federal judge has tacitly threatened Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos with jail for her ongoing failure (or refusal) to comply with court orders in a student loan case. By way of background, in 2016 the Obama administration finalized rules for the Borrower Defense to Repayment program. This program was created to allow federal student loan borrowers to request loan forgiveness on the basis that their school engaged in unfair, deceptive, or illegal practices.

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Trump’s Education Chief in Hot Seat Over Student-Debt Collection | Bloomberg

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos faces potential sanctions or a finding she’s in contempt of court for continuing to collect on the debt of former students at bankrupt Corinthian Colleges Inc., going so far as seizing their tax refunds and wages.

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UPDATE: Judge “extremely disturbed” by DeVos’ illegal court violation “16,000 times” | Press Release

At today’s hearing, Judge Sallie Kim lifted the stay in the class action lawsuit on behalf Corinthian College borrowers and promised to rule on whether the U.S. Department of Education and Secretary Betsy DeVos will be held in contempt and face sanctions.