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DeVos and Education Dept. could face new sanctions for violating a court order | The Washington Post

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Student Advocates Challenge DeVos’ Borrower Defense Rule | Press Release


2019: A Year of Student Victories And Holding Betsy DeVos Accountable | Update

Predatory For-Profit Colleges Thrive in The Trump Era | WNYC

Ever since the federal government passed the G.I. Bill after World War II, predatory enterprises have been looking to take advantage of the money set aside by the government to help students pay for a college education.

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Students Defrauded by For-Profit School Sue US Department of Education | Huffington Post

Tina Carr and Yvette Colon had the same goal. They wanted to build careers in the medical field, make a good living and enjoy a better quality of life. They both knew that the gateway to a brighter future would be to attend a good school …Sanford-Brown Institute convinced them they had found their dream school, but instead plunged them into a nightmare that isn’t over yet.

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Director of Litigation Eileen Connor Recognized With National Consumer Law Center Rising Star Award | Press Release

Today the Project on Predatory Student Lending’s Director of Litigation, Eileen Connor, has been recognized for the 2017 “Rising Star” award from the National Consumer Law Center for her significant contributions to consumer law.

Update | Former For-Profit College Students Ask Federal Court to Void Student Loan Debt

Yesterday, Tina Carr and Yvette Colon, two former defrauded students of the for-profit Sanford-Brown Institute in New York, sued the Department of Education (Department) and Navient to block the enforcement of their student loan debt. They sued because of the Department’s failure to act on thousands of borrower defense applications by former students whose debts it has…

Trump policy halts loan relief for thousands of students | The Boston Globe

Panic overwhelmed Kennya Cabrera Garcia when she realized that her diploma — the one she had taken out loans to earn — was virtually worthless. Without the job in medical office work the for-profit school had promised her, she had little to show for the experience but $200 a month in federal student loan payments.

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2 Borrowers Sue Over Forgiveness of Student Loans | Inside Higher Ed

Frustrated with the slow resolution of loan forgiveness claims at the Department of Education, two borrowers have filed a lawsuit against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and loan servicing company Navient in federal court.

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Stakeholders Meet this Week to Rewrite Obama-Era For-Profit College Rules | Market Watch

For the past several years, students who believe they’ve been scammed by their colleges have waited in limbo while policy makers and industry stakeholders determine their fate.

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Talks Begin to Rewrite Rules Protecting Students From Fraud | AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Education Department officials opened formal negotiations on Monday to rewrite federal rules meant to protect students from fraud by colleges and universities. The talks with university representative and student advocates are taking place as the department faces criticism for delaying consideration of tens of thousands of loan forgiveness claims from students who say they were defrauded by for-profit colleges.

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Former For-Profit College Students Ask Federal Court to Void Student Loan Debt | Press Release

Two former students who were defrauded by a New York for-profit college are suing the Department of Education (Department) and a private lender to block the enforcement of their student loan debt, the Project on Predatory Student Lending and the New York Legal Assistance Group announced today.

Lawsuit Seeks New Recourse on For-Profit College Fraud | U.S. NEWS

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two women who claim they were defrauded by a for-profit college have sued the Education Department and a private loan servicer in a case their attorneys say could provide a new legal remedy for tens of thousands of students frustrated with the department’s inaction on claims seeking loan forgiveness.

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