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Student Loan Truth: For Former Corinthian Students, a Never-Ending Road to Justice | Blog

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Project on Predatory Student Lending

Student Borrowers and Advocates Declare September as Borrower Defense Action Month | Press Release

Washington Post

Biden Administration Drops Appeal of Legal Decision Granting former Corinthian Colleges Students Debt Relief | Washington Post

Debt Cancellation Backer at Harvard Named to Education Post | Bloomberg Law

A vocal proponent of canceling student loan debt is joining the Biden administration in a top role at the Education Department’s Office of the General Counsel. Toby Merrill, who founded and directed the Project on Predatory Student Lending at Harvard Law School, will serve as deputy general counsel. The Education Department announced her hiring, along with several other political appointees, on Tuesday.

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Project on Predatory Student Lending Announces New Director, Eileen Connor | Press Release

The Project on Predatory Student Lending, the leading organization representing former students of predatory for-profit colleges, today announced that Eileen Connor will now lead the organization as the sole Director.

‘We’re Going to Lose a Generation of Student-Loan Borrowers’: Pressure Mounts to Extend Payment Pause | MarketWatch

When Catherine Bolton retired earlier this year, she entered her golden years with an obligation she’d hoped she would be done with by now: roughly $40,000 in student debt. In the months since she left her job as an elementary school mental-health professional, Bolton, 67, has had a reprieve from monthly student loan bills, thanks to the coronavirus-era pause on student loan payments and interest. But she’s worried about having enough room in her budget if payments resume as scheduled in October — and that the payments will haunt her for the rest of her life.

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FAQ: What We Know About ED’s Recent ITT Announcement

Recently, the Department of Education announced that it will approve a small portion of borrower defense applications for former ITT students, with 18,000 borrowers to receive a 100% discharge of their ITT debt. While this is great news for those select borrowers, there are still a lot of questions around what this means for the more than 700,000 former ITT students who were scammed by the school.

Statement on Education Department Approving ITT Borrower Defense Claims | Press Release

Today, the Department of Education announced that it will approve the borrower defense applications of a select 18,000 student borrowers who attended ITT Technical Institute (ITT). According to the Department, the borrowers will receive 100 percent loan discharges, resulting in approximately $500 million in relief.

Student Loan Truth: For-Profit Colleges Aren’t Just Out to Scam Students. They’re Scamming Their Parents, Too. | Blog

It’s no surprise that being ripped off by a for-profit college impacts more than just the student who attends. A student borrower’s unpayable debts affect their whole family. And there’s a way that parents can bear the debt burden personally: Parent PLUS loans.

Betsy DeVos Ordered to Testify in Student Borrower Class Action | Courthouse News Service

Rejecting arguments that making a cabinet official testify threatens the separation of powers, a federal judge this week ordered former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to answer questions about long delays and mass denials of student debt relief claims.

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Student Loan Borrowers Perplexed by Biden Administration’s Continued Defense of Trump-Era Lawsuits | Washington Post

Amanda Kulka expected her six-year fight for student loan cancellation would be over by now. Powerful allies, including a state attorney general and a federal judge, agreed that she and other students in Massachusetts had been defrauded by the defunct for-profit chain Corinthian Colleges. The courts even granted all 7,200 of them a full discharge of their debt in June, rebuking former education secretary Betsy DeVos’s attempt to block their request for relief.

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The Project on Predatory Student Lending: 5 Years of Impact | Blog

Project co-founders Toby Merrill and Eileen Connor take a look back at five years of impact helping defrauded student borrowers against for-profit colleges.

Student Loan Truth: Eynelys’ DeVry University Story | Blog

DeVry misled Eynelys about their financial aid plan and job placement services, leading her to drop out of her program. In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission sued DeVry for making deceptive claims related to graduate job placement rates and compensation. Eynelys filed a borrower defense application four years ago, seeking relief from her student loan debt, and still has not received a decision from the Department of Education.