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IRS Moves to Prevent Defrauded Borrowers from Massively Overpaying Taxes | Blog

Defrauded students already face an uphill battle enforcing their legal right to a loan discharge.  Even when borrowers were able to discharge their loans by asserting a borrower defense, a common problem was faced by almost everyone who vindicated their legal rights: the tax consequences.  The fact that many people who are defrauded by the…

Lawsuit: Department of Education is Making it ‘Nearly Impossible’ for Defrauded Students to Cancel Their Student Loans | Market Watch

A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges that new Department of Education rules, set to take effect in July, will make it more difficult for scammed students to write off their student loans.

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Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Faces Another Lawsuit for Overturning an Obama-Era Rule | Yahoo Finance

A group of consumer advocates filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education (ED) for revising an Obama-era rule that was designed to protect students who were defrauded by predatory schools.

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The New York Legal Assistance Group Plans to File a Lawsuit Blocking DeVos’ “Borrower Defense” Rule | Politico’s Morning Education

The group, which provides free legal help to low-income individuals, expects to file the lawsuit this morning in federal court in the Southern District of New York. NYLAG is represented by Harvard Law School’s Project on Predatory Student Lending and Public Citizen Litigation Group, both of which successfully challenged DeVos’ efforts to delay the Obama-era “borrower defense” policy, forcing the 2016 rule to take effect.

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Student Advocates Again Challenge DeVos in Court For Trashing Obama-Era Rules | Republic Report

Trump education secretary Betsy DeVos has trashed two key rules that the Department of Education, during the Obama administration, painstakingly developed to discourage for-profit colleges from deceiving and abusing their own students. With a new lawsuit filed today, advocates for students are now in court fighting to cancel both of the DeVos anti-rules and keep the previous Department regulations in place.

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Student Advocates Challenge DeVos’ Borrower Defense Rule | Press Release

Student advocates filed suit today to invalidate the U.S. Department of Education’s new borrower defense rules, which reverse vital protections from predatory schools and impose onerous standards and procedural hurdles for defrauded students seeking to assert their legal rights to cancel loans.

Why People with Student Debt are Refusing to Repay It | CNBC

Sandy Nurse doesn’t see why she needs to be $120,000 in debt “just for trying to improve my understanding of the world.” And so, after a decade of struggling to repay her student loans, she plans to stop trying. She hopes others will join her, too, in a national strike against the country’s outstanding student loan debt, which is marching toward $1.7 trillion.

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Education Department Must Stop Funding For-Profit Colleges That Force Students to Arbitrate

Following a Friday court decision upholding U.S. Department of Education rules intended to stop schools from forcing defrauded students into secretive out-of-court arbitrations, lawyers representing for-profit college students are urging the department to follow that rule and cut off funding of for-profit colleges that violate it.

Dear Presidential Candidates: Yes, You Can Cancel All Student Debt on Day One | Blog

With the presidential primaries now in full swing, the issue of the nation’s whopping $1.5 trillion in student loan debt – and whether to cancel it – has become a popular topic, highlighting a growing consensus that the current system of debt-financed higher education is broken.

Toby Merrill and Eileen Connor | Boston Globe

Long before the Democratic candidates for president were warning about our national student debt crisis, Toby Merrill and Eileen Connor were doing something about it. They worked separately at first, and then together at Harvard Law School’s Project on Predatory Student Lending.

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