Press Releases

Statement on Legislative Plan to Cancel Fraudulent Corinthian and ITT Student Debt | Press Releases

Senators Durbin, Brown, and Warren, and Congressmembers Takano and Jayapal introduced a legislative plan to completely cancel the loans of borrowers who have long been deemed eligible for borrower defense discharge.

Florida For-Profit Colleges Sued for Selling Predatory Product and Targeting Black Students | Press Release

A class action was filed against Florida-based for-profit college chain, Florida Career College (FCC), for selling a predatory product using false representations and high-pressure sales tactics that leave students in mountains of debt they cannot repay and systematically targeting Black students.

“COVID College Cons” Series Exposes Predatory For-Profit Colleges Targeting Students During COVID-19 Crisis | Press Release

A new series of articles called “COVID College Cons” launched by Republic Report and the Project on Predatory Student Lending to expose the predatory tactics that for-profit colleges are using right now to scam students in the midst of an economic and public health crisis. The purpose of this series is to warn the public about the schemes and help protect them from fraud.

CARES Act Handout to For-Profit Colleges is a Slap in the Face to Students | Press Release

Congress’s CARES Act has provided over a billion of dollars in handouts to for-profit colleges, Department of Education data show. The top six companies got more than $115 million dollars combined.

Student Borrower Class Forces Department of Education to Process All Pending Borrower Defense Claims | Press Release

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and the United States Department of Education promise to process the borrower defense claims of nearly 170,000 student borrowers, many of which have been pending for more than four years.  This long-awaited processing would come as the result of a settlement proposed in the class action lawsuit Sweet v. DeVos.

Predatory Schools Keep Trying to Rip Off Students Amid Economic Meltdown, Pandemic | Press Release

A group of for-profit colleges appealed a federal court decision upholding a Dept. of Education rule from 2016 intended to stop schools from forcing defrauded students into secretive, out-of-court arbitrations. Lawyers from Public Citizen and the Project representing for-profit college students in the case are condemning the move.

Statement on the COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Package and Student Loan Relief | Press Release

The Senate COVID-19 stimulus bill includes measures intended to ease the burden of student loan debt for borrowers who are suffering during this economic crisis, but doesn’t go far enough, and will fail to help many former for-profit college students struggling with bogus debt.

Statement on Senate Plan To Cancel Student Loan Payments During Coronavirus Emergency And Provide Minimum $10K Payoff For All Federal Student Loan Borrowers | Press Release

The Project praises Senate Democrats’ new plan to cancel student loan payments for the duration of the COVID-19 Emergency and their proposal to provide a minimum $10,000 payoff for all federal student loan borrowers.

Statement on the Economic Stimulus Package and the Imperative to Cancel For-Profit College Student Debt | Press Release

As the government considers measures to mitigate the extreme financial burden COVID-19 has placed on citizens across the country, the Project on Predatory Student Lending urges Congress and the Department of Education to activate their authority and cancel all for-profit college debt immediately.

Project Calls on Congress, Department of Ed to Relieve Student Loan Debt in Light of COVID-19 | Press Release

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and its severe economic impact on American families across the nation, the Project on Predatory Student Lending calls on Congress and the Department of Education to use their authority to cancel all student loan debt, and to act immediately to stop tax refund offset and wage garnishment, and to put loans in interest-free forbearance.