2020: The Year Students Were Heard | Blog

December 31, 2020

2020 has been a year like no other.

Despite the pandemic, we’re closing out the year with significant wins for defrauded student borrowers and optimism for our clients under a new Biden-Harris administration.

Here’s a recap of our progress over the last year, as we look forward to 2021.


Student borrowers spoke out and judges listened. 

  • Students continue their battle for loan cancellation based on their borrower defense claims. In April, they entered into a proposed settlement in Sweet v DeVos that would have forced the Department to process all pending borrower defense claims. In a short time, we found that the Department was not acting in good faith and had sent thousands of class members blanket denials with complete disregard for the evidence in their claims. Students spoke out in an unprecedented 500-person court hearing held on Zoom and the judge was compelled by their “shared trauma.” He shut down the settlement and called the Department’s approach to these claims “disturbingly Kafkaesque,” ordering the Department to submit to discovery.


For-profit colleges continued their predatory and racist behaviors.

  • For-profit colleges often target students based on race. Schools like Florida Career College systematically use predatory marketing and deceptive recruitment to target Black students. Students sued Florida Career College for targeting Black students with its high-priced, low-value product that is falsely sold as valuable higher education.


Students sued to stop DeVos’ devastating policies limiting relief for cheated borrowers.

  • Secretary DeVos established a new “partial relief” methodology at the end of 2019 designed to deny loan cancellation to people with successful borrower defense claims. In June, we challenged it for what it is — another illegitimate attempt to deny students the relief they are owed.


A family sues Navient over private student loans.

  • Our client Jorge Villalba and his mother Alicia filed a lawsuit against a private lender, Navient, for misleading them about their right to seek cancellation of Jorge’s private student loans from ITT. Jorge was one of the few whose borrower defense claim against ITT was granted, and his federal loans were therefore cancelled. Despite this, Navient continues to collect on Jorge’s private student loans.


The President has the power and authority to cancel student debt for our clients.

  • The year started and ended with discussions about the President’s legal authority to cancel student debt. As our legal analysis makes clear: the President-elect can and must cancel our clients’ illegitimate debts on day one of the new administration. Borrowers who were cheated by predatory for-profit colleges have been fighting for too long to get the debt relief they are owed.


Students are not backing down.

We continue to hear from thousands of students who have been ripped off by for-profit colleges and left with insurmountable debt. They share their stories to help the public understand what happened to them and to call attention to the broken system that allows this to continue. Read the stories of Nicole, Sammia, and Shaun, who bravely shared their experiences in our Student Loan Truth series.

As our client Theresa Sweet recently told NBC News:

“If whoever the next DOE secretary is doesn’t come out swinging for borrower defense, I feel like we’re still going to have to fight. And I will keep fighting until this situation receives some measure of justice.”

 We will too. Thanks to the partners fighting with us and the clients who inspire us to fight.


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