In Case You Missed It: A National Spotlight On ITT’s Fraud and Abuse | Blog

Just last week, Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois used his time on the Senate floor to bring the “Dreams Destroyed” report before his Congressional colleagues.

Student borrowers are keeping the pressure up in 2022 | Blog

In just three months of 2022, we’ve seen notable progress in the fight towards holding predatory for-profit colleges and those who enable them accountable. From a scathing report detailing ITT’s decades of wrongdoing, to students in Sweet v. Cardona calling out the growing borrower defense backlog, borrowers are not letting up and keeping the pressure on the Education Department’s arbitrarily long and winding road to justice.

Student Loan Truth: Gainful Employment Not Guaranteed | Blog

One topic that came up again and again during the Department of Education’s February Negotiated Rulemaking sessions was gainful employment of for-profit college graduates – or the lack thereof.

How the Arbitrary Borrower Defense Process Failed These Student Borrowers | Blog

It’s no secret that the Department of Education has repeatedly let defrauded student borrowers down. Part of the problem is the arbitrary borrower defense process the Department of Education has used to determine who gets relief and who doesn’t. Take Jen and Debi – two borrowers with almost identical stories who both applied for borrower defense, but only one got her loans cancelled.

Myrna Figueroa’s NegReg Comments | Blog

The following is a transcript from the Department of Education’s Negotiated Rulemaking session on January 18, 2022. During the public comment period, students are encouraged to share their comments on their experiences. Here is Myrna’s story.

Year in Review: 2021 Brings Big Wins and New Battles for Defrauded Borrowers | Blog

2021 ushered in a new Presidential administration and promises of long-awaited justice for defrauded borrowers. We are thrilled to share our clients’ hard-fought victories of loan cancellation, yet the fight is not over for tens of thousands of clients still waiting. Their voices are more powerful than ever. At every opportunity, our clients have continued to show up to raise awareness and to hold the Department accountable to their rights under the law. One thing was made consistently clear throughout the year: borrowers will not stop fighting for the relief and justice they and others are owed. And we’re right there with them.

Student Loan Truth: For-Profit Borrowers Keep the Pressure on During NegReg | Blog

As the Department of Education Negotiated Rulemaking committee kicked off a second session, student borrowers continued to show up and demand accountability on borrower defense. This time, a common theme emerged: even for those who were finally promised relief by the Biden administration months ago, confusion and delay remain the status quo when it comes to borrower defense.

Student Loan Truth: The Real Heroes of NegReg

On October 4-8, the Department of Education held their second Negotiation Rulemaking, or NegReg, session of the year. This year, the broken borrower defense process is one of the top areas of discussion, and the Department of Education refused to include the very students who experience this process firsthand.

Jonathan’s DeVry Student Loan Truth: “My degree has held me back more than it has benefited me” | Blog

When Jonathan H. attended DeVry University, they promised him a lucrative career in gaming – which turned out to be a “flop program.” Jonathan recently submitted testimony for the record in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Student Loan Bankruptcy Reform, in support of a bill sponsored by Senator Durbin that would make it possible for borrowers to discharge student loans through bankruptcy. Here’s Jonathan’s story.

Student Loan Truth: For Former Corinthian Students, a Never-Ending Road to Justice | Blog

Corinthian Colleges was one of the most notoriously bad actors in the for-profit college industry – so much so that many people assume these debts have already been cancelled. That’s not true – yet.