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ITT Student Files New Lawsuit Against Navient for Private Student Debt Cancellation | Press Release

Harvard Magazine

“Attacking the Concept of Debt” | Harvard Magazine


Update | Borrowers Raise Concern over Borrower Defense Denials

In Victory For Borrowers, DeVos Agrees To Stop Issuing Mass Denials Of Loan Forgiveness Applications | Forbes

Student loan borrowers scored a victory in court this week against Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, as litigation continues over mass denials of student loan forgiveness applications. The case, Sweet v. DeVos, concerns the troubled Borrower Defense to Repayment program.

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How the Biden Administration Can Free Americans from Student Debt | The New Yorker

On September 2nd, the anthropologist and activist David Graeber died unexpectedly, while on holiday in Venice. David, who was my friend and collaborator for more than a decade, was best known for his groundbreaking study “Debt: The First 5,000 Years,” from 2011.

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Should the Biden Administration Cancel Student Debt? This Guide Might Help You Decide | MarketWatch

The debate over student-debt cancellation is raging as it becomes a more realistic possibility.

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Biden Could Face a Student Loan Mess if Trump Allows Pandemic Relief to Expire | CNN

Student loan borrowers haven’t had to make payments since March — but that piece of federal pandemic relief is set to expire on December 31, unless President Donald Trump or Congress act to extend it.

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What Biden’s Election Could Mean for Student Loans | New York Times

The federal government is the primary lender for students who borrow money for college and graduate school, and the Education Department directly holds more than $1.4 trillion in student debt. President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s administration will have the ability to make changes that can directly affect millions of borrowers’ monthly bills.

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President-Elect Joe Biden Has Signaled He’s Open to Canceling Student-Loan Debt — The Question Is When And How Much | MarketWatch

Activists, advocates and scholars have been arguing for years that cancelling student-loan debt would provide an economic stimulus, correct decades of policy failure — and that the president has the authority to do it.

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Here’s What Biden Could Change Just by Executive Order | MarketWatch

As people and markets around the world brace for Joe Biden’s move into the White House, a key factor is what the veteran Democratic politician could accomplish without having to work with Congress.

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Biden Administration Can Cancel Student Debt On Day One | Press Release

As President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris begin their transition to taking office in January, the Project on Predatory Student Lending is restating the President’s authority to cancel student loan debt for millions of students and families across the country. This action does not require Congress’s approval and can be taken on day one of taking office.

What a Joe Biden presidency means for taxes, health care, housing, student debt — and another COVID-19 stimulus package | MarketWatch

Joe Biden was projected Saturday to become the nation’s next president, according to the Associated Press, after campaigning on an ambitious domestic agenda he hopes will improve voters’ finances and invigorate an economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic. Tax hikes for the rich, broadened health care coverage and student loan forgiveness were some of the projects on candidate Biden’s to-do list.

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Statement on Senate Resolution to Cancel Student Debt | Press Release

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Elizabeth Warren proposed a Resolution calling on the President to cancel up to $50,000 in federal student loan debt for 43 million Americans. The Senators cite a Project on Predatory Student Lending legal analysis which outlines the President’s legal authority to direct the Secretary of Education to cancel student loan debt.