Amicus Briefs

Project on Predatory Lending


Amicus Brief in Opposition to Education Corporation of America’s motion for a preliminary injunction in ECA v. Department of Education

In October 2018, we partnered with the Southern Poverty Law Center to successfully combat ECA’s unprecedented request for an injunction which would have curtailed students’ right to seek redress from ECA schools, including Virginia College.


Amicus Brief in support of Defendants-Appellees in Pacific Coast Horeshoeing School, Inc v. Dean Grafilo

In October 2018, we submitted a brief with the UC Berkeley Center for Consumer Law and Economic Justice, Consumers Union, and the Housing and Economic Rights Advocates in defense of California state’s “ability to benefit” requirement for for-profit schools. We explained that striking down the law would cause significant harm to students who attend such institutions.


Amicus Brief in support of Plaintiff-Appellant in Nelson v. Great Lakes Educational Loan Services

In July 2018, we partnered with a number of advocates to ask the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to conclude that the plaintiff’s state law consumer protection laws against his loan servicer were not preempted by federal law.


Amicus Brief in support of Plaintiffs-Appellants Urging Reversal in Salazar v. Duncan

In 2015, the Project submitted an amicus brief in a case challenging the Department of Education’s refusal to notify defrauded students of their statutory right to discharge their federal loans as a result of their school’s false certification of their ability to benefit.